Brand new homebuilt gaming PC constantly freezes and blue screens

I just built this tower for my friend and I can't even run it for more than 10 minutes without it freezing up (to the point that I can't even open task manager) and crashing with the BSOD. I'm running W7 and I first noticed it when I tried to use Windows Update It would stop after about 30 updates and wouldn't let me stop the updates or when I tried to reboot the computer it would start to apply them and then blue screen right away. I read a couple of forums and saw that the problem could be either the mobo, hard drive, or the RAM.
Here's what is in this thing:

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
HDD: Toshiba 2TB 7200RPM
RAM: Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3-1600
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  1. Your RAM is guaranteed compatible by Crucial, so unless you have a bad module that shouldn't be the issue.

    Which CPU and are you OC'ing?
    Got a spare power supply you can try?

    From what I've seen (but rarely experienced myself), freezing and BSOD is related to either bad install of Windows (BSOD), unstable RAM, or bad power supply.

    If you get the BSOD, can you post the error codes or look to see what it says? Usually it will say what caused the crash.
  2. The CPU is an i5 3570K. I'm not OC'ing. The power supply is a 600w by Extreme Power Plus. I re-installed Windows and it went okay for a little while, no BSOD at least. But it would say that the updates failed and had to revert changes when it booted back up. Now I'm trying to keep doing the updates and it went back to doing BSOD again. Even during Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. It's also doing unexpected shutdowns again. Not as frequently, but right as I'm in the middle of an update or downloading an important file.
  4. BSOD's tell me hard drive, but I'm suspicious of the power supply right now.
  5. Well I just swapped out hard drives to see if that was it. Like 5 minutes into installing SP1 it blue screened so that only leaves the power supply. I only have one other power supply I could swap it with and that one is currently in use for the next few days. I'll swap em when I can and get back to you on whether that ends up working or not.
  6. Scratch that, I borrowed my buddy's 1200W Toughpower and it still blue screened on me. This time, within like 2 minutes of booting up. I am out of options, apparently.
  7. MoBo or RAM.

    Try only one stick of RAM. If it BSOD's again, try the other. If it does it again, it's the MoBo.
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