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On-board drivers/third monitor questions

December 31, 2012 7:57:41 PM

Hello, I'm trying to get a third small display up for my computer. I've been reading about using my on-board card, a radeon 4250 HD. Is it possible to do such with this card? My primary is a radeon 6950 HD, My motherboard is a FOXCONN A88GMV. The BIOS does support Surround view but does not work when ran PCIE before IGFX, switching the load order leads to only the on board GPU to function. The only reason I can see is wrong would be the lack of driver software for the 4250, but even when loading just it and installing the drivers the installation will abruptly stop and "finish" although the drivers did not install. Is it due to my already installed drivers for the 6950? Well, thanks for reading and I would appreciate some help on the driver issue and If my system even supports the use of a third monitor through the on-board graphics.