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Ok, i just ordered a new video card, My question may be dumb idk, But I know they heat up extremely fast, and where I live at, it is extremely cold, would it be wise to let it sit for a few hours and get to room temperature before running it, or is it safe to plug in and go ?
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  1. If you just pulled it out of the box it would be room temperature-ish anyway.
  2. wow that is kinda dumb haha but no you should be good to go as soon as you pull it out of the box
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    Don't listen to those guys. If your card arrives and it is cold out, you should let it sit for a couple of hours. Condensation can build up as the card unfreezes, so it is a good idea to let it get up to room temperature. ;)
  4. And leave it sealed in the bag it comes in. Then while it is still cold moisture is not condensing on the card. It may be a minor issue to some, but I agree with the above response.
  5. Its about 5 degrees out where I live and the card is set to arrive tomorrow, I think I will agree with the above 2 responses and let it warm to room temperature before placing it in my rig
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