Computer Freezes during game, then won't turn on for an hour

I think my problem might be overheating but before I go out and buy another component, I wanted to run this problem by others with much more knowledge than me. I have a two year old computer that I put together from a bare bones is what was in the kit: (from the invoice) Lite On 24x DBDRW Sata OEM, Ultra LS600 600W ATX power supply, Cooler Master Thermal Compound HTK - 002, Seagate 1 TB LP Serial ATA HD 5900/32MB/SATA-3G, XFX Radeon HD 4670 1 GB PCI3 w/Dual Link DVI, Ultra X-Wind Aluminum 90MM - All In One CPU Cooler, ASUS M4A785-M AMD 785G Socket AM2+ Motherboard, AMD Phenom X4 9600B 2.3 Ghz AM2+ OEM CPU, Corsair XMS 4096 MB PC 6400 DDR2 800 MHz (2x2048MB), Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case.

This worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly in the middle of a game, it shut down and the computer would not turn back on. We thought it was the power supply, so bought a new one, but it still would not turn on, so then decided it must be the motherboard.

Couldn't find a compatible mb locally so ordered one that the store recommended. Here's what we got: ASRock A785GM-LE AMD785G + SB710 Chipsets. Put the new mb in and after a few false starts, finally got it to boot up. Updated with disc provided. We have Windows XP Pro on our computer and even tho everyone said we would have to wipe the hard drive, it booted up just fine.

Here's the problem: when I'm playing my game, after about half an hour to an hour, it freezes, and the only thing I can do is re-set the computer using the re-set button on the case. Once I do that, the computer will not turn back on for at least an hour, like everything needs to cool down.

Downloaded Speedfan to check the temps and it seems to go up to 71C when I'm playing, but not sure what it goes up to before it freezes. (Once it freezes, I can't do anything - mouse doesn't work, escape button doesn't work, alt-control-delete doesn't work).

Was thinking about getting new fan for CPU? Also when we put the new mb in, we didn't put in any new thermal paste (probably big mistake) so that was another thing we were going to try.

Other than replacing the mb, we left everything else in the computer. This mb says it has an ATI Radeon HD4200 DirectX 10.1 Onboard Graphics. Would that conflict with the XFX Radeon HD 4670 video card we have in it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have strictly trial by error experience wi
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  1. Sounds likes something is overheating (cpu). Its max temperature is 70 C and if it goes any higher than that, the computer will shut down to prevent damage. Reapply the thermal paste and see if it helps. You might have to get a new cooler as well.

    EDIT: After rereading your post, I notice that you didn't put any thermal paste on the cpu, which is a HUGE mistake. You might have damaged your cpu. Do not turn on your computer again until you have put thermal paste on it.

    As for the motherboard integrated gpu, it wont interfere with the 4670. You have to plug the monitor into the 4670, so it separate from the igpu. You might want to consider getting a new graphics card as well since the 4670 is pretty old.
  2. Could be the power supply. You don't list it. Can you add fans to the case? If so, I would try that first. I am guessing you don't have enough air flow.
  3. Thank you both! Added more paste, then noticed the power supply fan had stopped working, so replaced that as works perfectly now :)
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