What graphics card can i put in my PC?

Hello, I am ok with PC's but with getting what components are compatible with my computer then i have no clue.

I have a 450watt PSU, I currently have a Nvidia Geforce GT 240 @DDR3 1Gb.

My motherboard is gigabyte h61m-s2v-b3

I was wondering what upgrade of graphics card i can put in my PC? Or where can i find out what components are compatible for my PC?

I have a max budget of £50 - I use my PC for general gaming, My graphics card is powerful enough to run most modern games on low to high depending on the demand of the GPU. I am looking to play mainly on Modern graphics setting minimum.

Many thanks.
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  1. Sorry buy I think you need more money. You can probably get a Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 for that but it only brings you up 2 slots (3 slot increase is considered worth it). I would strive for the Radeon HD 7750.

  2. Hey dude. Overclockers.uk has a great of cards under £50 but id suggest you save up more because not many cards in that price range will give you any more fps than you're already getting.. I'll narrow the list down for you give you the best contenders for that price and yes these are the cheapest rates unless you wanna buy them used.. (Trust me im on these computer websites all day gazing at *** i cant afford -.-) if you really wanna go ahead and upgrade these are the options you have and you'll notice quite a few fps boost in games.

    1) GT440: Great little overclocker and your P.S.U will be able to handle it an you'll be able to handle most games on medium at a resolution of up to 1660x900. then theres physx :o


    2) HD6670: Again the fan on this thing is a beast and you know what that means. overclocked goodness ;) i think you can run it on your psu considering it is what it says it is


    Hope this helps you out :) wait!.. whats that? you hear that? thats the sound of your brain trying to decide which ones better among these 2 monsters :O let me break it down for ya. They're the same when it comes to speed but the benchmarks suggest that the 6570 might be a teensy weensy bit better but id still suggest you go with the GT440.. hope i helped you out bro peace :))
  3. Ooh shitt :O look what i just found


    the warranty on that is 12 months too :O a gtx 260 for that price is a steal!! only if your p.s.u can handle it though
  4. Hello, Thanks for the replies..

    I would prefer going with Nvidia due to my processor being an Intel not AMD.

    I like the suggestion but in case I save up some more money..

    Would you be able to tell me how you can find out which graphics card are compatible with my motherboard?

    Many thanks.
  5. If you have a PCI Xpress x16 slot which you do since you mentioned that you've got a GT240 plugged in, You should be able to put anything in there but its the P.S.U you should be worried about. If you've decided to save up for a better card.. i believe you would need a better PSU to power any higher end cards. Again.. CCL or Overclockers have a great deal of those PSU's and you can grab a good one for about 30 Quid. Oh and one more thing :P amd or intel doesnt have anything to do with GPU's you can fit an Radeon card in with a Intel CPU and get the same performance you would with an AMD processor. Also.. if you decide to buy the P.S.U and a higher end card you should make sure your cpu can keep up with it and not be a 'bottleneck' (When your cards faster than your CPU) it can cause stuttering and some lag.
  6. Hello,

    Thanks very much for answering again :) Ah alright, I always thought ATI graphics card went better with an AMD processor and same for Intel with Nvidia.

    I think i will save up some more money to get a bigger PSU and a higher end graphics card.

    My Processor is an Intel I5 2500k @ 3.3ghz :)

    Many thanks again!
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