Dead Video Card?/Dieing Video Card

So this is what happened i was playng bf3 when all of a sudden my pc shuts down and it doesn't turn back on i didn't hear or smell anything when it happened but when i pulled out my video card which is a sapphire hd 7850 2gb oc it booted u normally,i tried again with it in but all it did was just turn on and then power down immediately.This is not a new build i got this gpu 4 months ago

i5 2500k
SAPPHIRE 7850 oc
G.SKILL Ripjaws(4 x 2GB)DDR3 1333
Corsair TX 750w
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  1. I hope it is under warranty because it sure sounds like the card is the culprit. If you have another system to test it in that would tell for sure but if it boots without it and doesn't with it, I would say the card is toast.
  2. Hi :)

    It could be the CARD or THE PCIE SLOT or THE PSU...

    As said try it in another machine...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. can i try it on another pci e slot
  4. Unfortunately no. The pci e slot closest to the cpu is the one for the video card or so I believe. You can always try and see.
  5. i tried it on the second pcie slot and it works fine i used msi kombuster for like 20 min nothing i even played bf3 multi on auto settings @ 1080p 60fps sometimes itll drop 3-5 fps so i guess the top one might be burned out
  6. ok now i put it back on the top pcie and it works for some reason i dont what could have cuse it to mess up
  7. it keeps shutting down at random times like once a day now can it be the psu?
  8. It could indeed be the power supply. Please list the make and model and we can tell you if it is underpowered or just a failure.
  9. Corsair TX 750w
  10. Well if it is the power supply then it is a failure. That ps is enough for your system and it is a good brand.
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