Stuck on my first build

Ok, so after a lot of research on what individual components to buy, as well as some great insight from these forums, I purchased everything I needed for my new build.
I have started piecing it together, but I have run into a couple of snags I could use some help on. First, let me catch you up to where I am at in the process.

I have attached my CPU, CPU fan, memory, and graphics card to my motherboard and installed into my case. I have also installed my power supply to the case. I am ready to attach my hard drives and DVD drive now, but that is where I am unsure of what to do next.

I purchased a 120GB Samsung SSD to go along with my old Toshiba 500GB 7200RPM hard drive. I have already transferred all my data I want to save from the Toshiba to an external hard drive, but I have not reformatted it yet. I will be doing a new install of Windows 8 to the new rig and from what I have read, it seems that it is very beneficial to your system's overall performance to have it installed on an SSD if possible. I would also like to use the SSD for a few games and programs I access often, while having the rest of my music, videos, and other files on the older Toshiba drive.


Do I...

1. Install both hard drives prior to set up and choose the SSD as the drive to install Windows on.

2. Install only the SSD for the initial set up and then install and format the 500GB hard drive after everything else is running.

3. Install only the 500GB hard drive, install and set everything up, and then connect the SSD and transfer Windows over to it.

4. Do something totally different.

Sorry if this questions seems silly or obvious, but this my first build start to finish by myself, and I would really like everything to work as intended.

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  1. Install both hard drives in the case .
    Connect the SATA data cable and power cable to the SSD
    Connect the SATA sata cable to the older hard drive , but dont plug in the power

    Once win 8 is running and updated , with all drivers installed then power down and connect the other drive . Format it from windows when you reboot

    Then you might want to follow the instructions here

    But keep in mind when you boot from your DVD your SSD may become the D:/ drive
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