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I am upgrading from intel integrated HD4000 graphics. I know, they suck. Since the card does not work for Black Ops II, I am upgrading. I am on a super tight budget since it will be a birthday gift.

Here are my specs:

Intel i7 3770k
16 GB 1333 MHz Ram
Intel HD 4000 Graphics
(Tell me if you need anything else)

I would like a card in the ~110 range (With rebates and all). I the 550 ti good for the price range? Is it supported for Black Ops II? If so which model (Please include link to it on Newegg)? If not, can you recommend a different card?

Thank you in advance,
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  1. Best bet would be the HD 7770. It's a little more than $110 but it is on sale on for around $119. It would be significantly better than the 550 Ti.
  2. Agree with the 7770 recommendation
  3. jessterman21 said:

    ^ Definitly your best bet. +1
  4. What is your PSU rating?
  5. PSU was gonna be my question as well
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