cant boot into "non-real" mode for bios upgrade

well, pretty simple. im trying to do bios upgrade and if i boot with 98 disk or regular boot disk the c drive is not seen b/c its ntfs. when i hit f8 for advanced startup and go to command prompt to try to run the upgrade, i get message saying it cant be run in real mode. how is a bios upgrade done if this is the case?

i tried Morpheus..... but i didnt inhale....
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  1. You run a BIOS upgrade from a boot floppy and never go into windows.
    Go to your boards web site for instructions on your board or give
    more details and we will try to help.

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  2. hmmm, yeah, the problem is that the instructions on the web site emphatically say not to flash from a floppy. i just dont know how to boot to a "dos" command prompt on a 2000 system. like i said, when i use a 98 disk, the c drive is not recognized b/c its ntfs (the instructions say to create a folder on c and extract bios into it and run from there), and when i boot to command prompt by using f8, i get message saying it cant be run in "real mode". im frustrated.... thank god the patriots won....

    i tried Morpheus..... but i didnt inhale....
  3. if your drives are ntfs, then you WONT see them from dos.
    I prefer to copy the files to a hdd and flash form there but theres no reason why you cant flosh from the floppy, if you MUST for whatever reason flash from a hdd, you could temererilly out in a 2nd drive (fat/fat32 of course) and do it that way.

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