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I have a very weird problem. I have a gigabyte ga-ma785gmt-ud2h motherboard and when I turn on the computer it gets the the point where it says windows is starting up and then nothing, not even the windows red, blue, yellow and green colours appear. But the strange thing is, is that when I press F8 the enter the boot menu and select 'start windows normally' it loads up fine. It is just when the computer tries to boot windows automatically. Any suggestions would be great.
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  1. Try booting with the W7 disk and run custom install, then choose startup repair.
    Also you can check the action center to see if it shows any problems.
    Are all the motherboard drivers installed ok, or are there any yellow stickers indicating a driver update required?
  2. My PC does this too on occasion, I just reset it and it works. Might be a win7 fault cause neither XP or Vista did this.
  3. Vista does it to and I havent tested xp. I have run the startup recovery options from the disc but it said that there was nothing wrong. could it be an unstable rig?
  4. Are you overclocking? Reset your BiOS. Some usb devices make my bootup stall (stupid 3g modem), so check that.
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