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So... This is kind of a pointless question but I feel like other people have the same question.

Why do graphics card manufacturers put these cool designs on the heatsink shroud when it ends up facing the bottom of the case? Why don't they flip the card around so that all your cool LAN party buds can see the hardware in your case?

I know it doesn't make any difference it's just kind of disappointing to get a sweet looking graphics card and having to hide the design.
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  1. the cards are designed based on standards. if you want your friends to see it show them a picture, cut the picture off the box it came in and tape it to your machine, or do a clear case :)
  2. Haha all I've got is a lame 4770 with no design (and no friends :o )

    I was considering doing a mineral oil cooled PC. Those look sweet, but pointless.

    This case has a reverse layout, so your New Year's wish can come true :)
  4. But no window! All the 12 year olds will think my case is stupid!
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