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I recently had a Geforce 8800 GTS die on me. I've been looking to replace the card, but I'm not looking to put alot into the machine. I'd like to get something that's at least as powerful as what I had, but adds DX 11 and not spend a whole lot. The machine is an Intel Q6600 quadcore 2.4 with a 650 watt power supply. Putting a new $400 card in it would be a waste. I really just want something that will tide me over for a while until I get around to putting a new machine together.
I have done some research already and have a few ideas, but I thought I'd come here and ask for some suggestions I may have overlooked. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  1. hd gt 560ti or hd6770
  2. I... wouldn't do either of those suggestions. Go with a 7750 or a 650ti - either will be a fair improvement over what haider mentioned, they'll be cheaper, and they'll be a lot more power efficient, seeing as they're newer tech.
  3. a gts250 would be about 10 or 15% slower than a 8800gtx. if you can find one or similar it's all you're looking for.
  4. Thanks for all the replies so far. I had looked into those cards, and was kind of expecting to get those as a response.

    If I were to go cheaper, how would something like a Radeon 5500 or a GTS 450 compare? They looks to have similar performance number wise, but numbers don't mean everything. I was hoping to stay more into the price range of these cards if possible.
  5. I imagine the 450 is a little faster than the 250?........ you'll have to look into that.

    whether you will benefit from it I don't know. certainly inexpensive enough to meet part of your criteria.
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