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I am looking for advice for my first build. I have been researching for a bit but I am sure I have missed quite a bit, so here goes...

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP - build needs to happen between March 3-10

Budget Range: not a concern, although I'm not sure I need to spend a fortune to get what I am looking for.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: I have a wide range of uses, but my primary concern is the multitasking. I need to run simultaneous design and analysis programs with more common uses. Typically, I have been running Matlab and Solidworks in conjunction with multisim/utiliboard, itunes and various office products. The matlab analysis is fairly complicated, mathematically, and working on image processing over long periods of time. I try to leave it running in the background on my current system but it freezes constantly. It will also be used extensively for gaming and I would prefer if windows didn't throw out an error message asking me to downgrade my visual settings to improve performance.

Parts Not Required: speakers, mic, monitor, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, have a 1.5TB HDD @ 5400 RPM (not sure if I need to replace this if I am planning to install all programs and OS's on SSD)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, purely out of convenience. If there is a better price elsewhere I am not opposed to looking around.

Country: US

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No. Would prefer to spend the money on the GTX 690 rather than SLI setup.

Monitor Resolution: dual monitors - 1 @ 1920x1080, 1 @ 2560x1440

Additional Comments: I would like to have the PC running as quiet as possible and need to run Linux and Windows (leaning towards 8 but not decided yet). I have compiled of list of what I am thinking atm and it is found here...

I am still undecided on the case, CPU cooling and I am not sure about the MB. Also I currently have a HP pavilion HPE 510Y and wanted to know if it was worthwile to salvage the HDD from this setup, the optical drive and the wireless card. Is there any downfall to this?
Also, have I missed any necessary parts?

Thanks, in advance, for any help and advice!
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  1. It works
  2. As long as the optical drive (make sure it's SATA) and wireless card are compatible and in good working order I cant think of a reason not to salvage them. As far as the HDD goes, it would depend on how long it's been in use. They tend to degrade and just be generally slow after a few years which might be too bothersome to you in a $2000+ build. I would just stick with an SSD and then get a new HDD for whatever size you want.

    Here's a solid 3TB one (whats another $130 in a build this pricey!):

    If you're worried about any compatibility try using

    It has auto compatibility checking.
  3. ouch... a bit high... but then a GTX 690 will do that.

    I understand you're shooting for an intel, however an AMD FX 8350 will do what you're looking for on the multitasking front (a bit better) then that i7...

    You have to push the price range up a bit to get to an intel chip that will do the job as well or better. (like a 6 core i7-3970X) That said, since apparently cost is no concern (case in point, GTX 690), you might as well go all in with the i7-3970X
  4. Ty! looking into the site now...
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