Need a card that will fit this form factor

I had planned to just wait and upgrade my pc at a later date but now I'm getting some video errors and my video driver isn't loading anymore so I need to see if my video card has gone bad. Doing a major renovation so money is tight.

Here is what I have, notice the unusual form factor of the card. Especially the slim part near the end. This allows it to just fit in the system. My question is, is there any better card on the market that would fit in this system?,1652-2.html

Also need a reccomendation on where to buy if there is a card that will fit They need to have a good return policy in case the card I have isn't bad or the unit doesn't fit.

Thanks in advance, really hope you can help.
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  1. It looks like it would fit since it is so short. Just measured and seems like the 8800 fan ends at about 7 inches. I need to see if there is any sort of restocking fee

    If there are any better options feel free to add them please.
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