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Well, the real question is; how good is the Lite-on? I have heard various different things, most of which are good about the Lite-On CDRs. in the long run, am I going to get burned by going with the Lite-On, as versus TDK or Plextor? there is about a $60/70 difference between them, but I am rather leery of purchasing what could be considered an "off brand" after the experiences I have had in the past with others.


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  1. I'm impressed by some of the Taiwan mainboard mfg but going to think twice(thrice...??) for others. Care to try Samsung from Korea, if found Japan brand too expensive and not that value to money as price vs. performance. In fact nowaday those Japan products was not that good as they used to be cause some of them mfg in elsewhere than in Japan so able to sell cheaper to consumer to stay compete with others country mfg. By the way I'm from Singapore and was having the Samsung SW-224B, a 24x10x40x Cd-Rewriter. After 1.5month of trying others cheap 24x end up with Samsung which performed pretty good even with 16x media(able to write them at 24x speed) and able to backing-up some of those CD with protection coding (SD1 or 2, LaserLock 1 or 2...), which some of the cheap 24x writer not able to.
  2. I setup a liteon 24x for a friend a while back. Cranked out quite a few cd's with no problems. I even got it to burn 20x on 16x rated media.

    They are good drives, but more than likely, don't have quite the DAE and sub-code extraction speeds of the yamaha and plextors.
  3. actually from what I read in some reviews ( too lazy to look for the link) the lite on DAE is one of the fastest available and as I previously posted it is one of only a couple of burners that are capable of making reliable copies of all copy protected data media including the newest iteration of safedisk 2 ( 2.51)



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  4. After building two computers with the Lite-On 24x10x40 CDRW, I went with one myself and was very impressed. I did look at a lot of reviews and checked the forums for any problems with them, and have yet to find one.

    As ejsmith said, they're very reliable. I haven't gotten a coaster yet. And, there were times when I could burn a 16x CD at 24x. I stopped though, in fear I might start messing up.

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