Monitor losing signal after about 5 minutes of gaming or furmark

My system keeps losing the video signal after about 5 minutes of running the GPU hard in gaming or Furmark. I've checked the temps when running Furmark on the GPU and when running Prime95 on the CPU. I only lose the signal when running Furmark. The weird thing is the temp of the GPU from the HWinfo32 log shows it at 67c until the last two log posts, then it shows it at 255, right when the computer lost the video signal. I thought it might have been a power supply issue before I saw the issue with the gpu temp jumping. Could this be a logging mistake? I cleaned the case out pretty well with canned air, and I pulled the gpu fan and heatsink of a couple months ago and really cleaned out the heatsink and remounted using Artic Silver compound. Is this a GPU cooling issue or is the GPU going bad? Thanks for all your help.

Here is my setup

All Purchased a month ago:
i5 - 3570
ASUS P8B75-V Motherboard
16GB of Corsair XMS DDR3 1333

Purchased in 2008:

PNY Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB
Raidmax 600W power supply
Antec Three Hundred Case
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  1. dont run furmark

    problem solved
  2. That doesn't solve the problem, it happens anytime I run the GPU hard, as in gaming as well.
  3. Then the 9600GT is overheating .

    Check the heatsink is firmly attached . They run quite hot
  4. You can always re-paste the card if you want.
  5. Best answer
    I can guarantee the GPU is not hitting 255c. At that temp it would literally smoking.
    Also not a coincidence that is the largest number that can fit in a single byte.

    Definitely a sensor error.
    As for the original problem, it can still be a component overheating.
  6. I talked to another geek friend of mine and he said sensor error as well, and that makes sense. I don't think it's over heating, there is plenty of cooling on the card and the heatsink is seated well. I highly doubt it's getting too 255c, I know I would smell it at that point, and the chances of it jumping from 68 to 255 in two seconds are almost nil. Probably just time to replace the card.
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  8. The card would melt everything in the case and itself at 255c
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