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Hi, i am new comer here.currently i am using old p4 intel gx270 but now i want to upgrade my system.i have a budget near around 200dollar.
i do not know much abut specification of cpu.I need to upgrade to kids play HD games and new pc games with best graphic.
i think to get a cor2duo computer with 3.1MHZ.
i want to know please:
Is it ok for me.
what motherboard suitable for my purpose of games.
what should be best processor.
what should be power supply.
what should be ram size.
what should be best mother board.
and what should be video card.

i want to know suggested names and number of each.
i do not want that shopkeeper fool me in any way.
that is why i am asking in this forum to tell me so i give the same spec to shopkeeper to make my pc according to it.
i need it for my kids and do not much about latest bests in cor2duo.
hoping and waiting for some detailed suggestions.
thanks in advance.
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    C2D is now 4 generations old .

    and availability is limited .
    This is not an upgrade you could recommend
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