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a friend of mine is looking into upgrading a computer he got, the gpu in the computer sucks (radeon hd 7450). he is going to upgrade the psu to a 600 watt supply, and he wants to stay on a cheap, but good graphics card. he is using the Hp envy h8-1414, what would you guys recommend for him to use. I mentiond the gtx 650 non ti/ti versions, but it doesnt have hdmi so i wasnt sure about that particular card.
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  1. Don't get either of those. Look at the 7770 or 7850.
  2. Hi. What's his budget and resolution? Most (if not all) graphics cards have at least one HDMI port. If he wants to get a cheap graphics card, it sounds like he doesn't need a 600W PSU. Just make sure whatever card he chooses to go with have enough clearance in the case.
  3. he said he wanted the it to stay around 200
  4. please post his max resloution
  5. Depends if he wants NV 650 Ti if he wants amd 7850
  6. When I heard "cheap", I didn't think anywhere near $200. If he plays at 1080p, he can get either the HD 7870 or GTX 660 for $195 after rebate or less sometimes. If he doesn't want to spend that much, then go with what bigcyco1 recommends.
  7. He could also look at the 7850 as well. But a 660 or 7870 is probably best choice.
  8. he went to best buy today and got the evga gtx 660 superclocked edition, he ended up paying 20 dollars more for it than i did a few days ago, thanks.
  9. How much did he spend? If he overpayed he can still return it.
  10. it ended up being 229. when i got mine it was on sale at bestbuy for 209
  11. You could get a better card for the same price.
  12. the only other cards i saw for around the same price were from amd. I really liked the PhsX that Nvidia offered, so that swayed me in the direction of getting that card. My friend just got the 660 because the one that came stock in his computer was terrible, it was in his price range, and its the same one that i got. Other than PhsX, Bestbuy didn't have the amd 7870 when i was there.
  13. Well just I'm surprised it didn't cost much more coming from Best Buy. I hope your friend will have no trouble with installation.
  14. There are a few issues: 1) People make claims without backing it up with proof, 2) People make blanket statements, when the reality is that certain games favor certain hardware, 3) People make a few FPS advantage seem like a "win", when it usually falls within the margin of error and makes no difference in terms of performance. 4)TH has sadly become filled with fanboys who sip red/green kool aid all day long they argue for days on end about these questions post out dated benchmarks try to use overclocking as some sort of "win", when there no such thing as a "guaranteed overclock", it's only possible they speak about it as if it's a for sure thing which is not only false it's misleading to the person asking for help.Then you have green team fan boys going on and on about amd drivers and there is nothing wrong with amd drivers these days two years ago sure they were horrible not now both amd fans and nv are just to bias it's really pathetic imo.You got a good deal the GTX 660 is a solid mid range card it's faster then a 7850 and littler bit slower then a 7870 since you wanted PhsX you made the right choice overall this site it's not even a good place to ask for advice imo as most people just get more confused from all the "nuh-uh", my card better then yours by 3% non sense.
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