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Looking for a graphics card under 125 ( if possible)


Im finishing my pc build I have a

AMD Athlon II X4 640 3Ghz
MSI 760GM-P23 (FX) motherboard
4 gb ram
500w Diablotek
but what I do not have is a graphics card.

Im looking for a reasonable price under $125

A'll i play is GTA IV and ages of empire I would like to run gta on high settings if possible with my budget
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  1. Please tell your max resolution.
  2. 1368 by 768 on a 19 inch vizio
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    for 1368 *768- hd 7750 is best@ $99

    see here-

    or hd 7770 @ 134$

    see here-

    hd 7770 will be future proof for that resolution. i reccommend you to get hd 7770
  4. Ya it will work.make sure that your psu has 6 pin are good to go.
  5. Whats the difference between them two and a gtx 550 ti?
  6. The 7770 uses a refined architecture with a better technology process of 28nm - this, combined with 640 stream processors clocked at 1GHz translates into better energy efficiency and better overall performance. It's been shown that the 7770 can keep up to the 550 Ti - so you get about 550 Ti performance but MUCH better energy efficiency & cooling.
    EDIT: I like the card you pick, but XFX also has the DD model which offers dual fans for cooling the GPU - you may want that if it's still in your budget!
  7. No hd 7770 with beat that card.overall hd 7770 much powerful among all of them.
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