Building a new gaming PC - Is all this compatible?

Fractal design 1000
Intel pentium G860
Radeon hd 5780 - I know my CPU may bottleneck this, but I can get one for an unbelievably cheap price (£85!)
550W XFX Pro Series ATX PSU with EasyRail™ Technology
4gb ram
500gb western digital HD
GA-H61M-DS2 Motherboard

Is all of this compatible?
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  1. What ia a 5780?
  2. Arghhh, forgive me. I meant a 5870 -.-
  3. So, is it compatible?
  4. Yes, it's all compatible, but i rather get a new card like the 7850, which is better and for ~120£ and with two or three games free.
    Also the xfx 450W will do for the setup, it will shave some for the card.
  5. Whether its compatible or not depends on a number of things you have not mentioned .

    Your RAM should be a 2 x 2 gig kit rated for 1.5 volts or less
    I could guess and say its compatible but I prefer not to
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