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Hey there!

I'm new to the HTPC scene, but I have built a lot of desktops over the past years, with my current 2 being gaming rigs. I'm moving into a new place and wanting to rethink how I do media, so I am settled on building my own HTPC to do what I want, which is:

- The ability to stream HD movies wirelessly or via USB, and flash movies on the internet without choppiness
- A DVD drive (not sure if this is even feasbile, it's not a problem if I could stream it from another PC in the house)
- Possibly the ability to play flash games on the internet just for kicks, but nothing retail-game intensive
- Have the option to put my own OS on there (I don't really care as long as it's something user-friendly and supports all of the codecs)
- A small case that is unobtrusive, preferably with some sort of mount

I've looked at the Raspberry Pi and similar devices, but I'm just not sure they have the power for what I want.

I'd love to aim at something under $500-600. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. you are never going to get enough power from a raspberry pi system. id suggest this instead. its not extremely small (smaller than a print only printer), but it does have the horsepower to drive something simple


  2. You could do a full build in a small case. These SilverStone Sugo series cases are a good example. ITX build, full size PSU and GPU. Have the SG-07 and love it.

    The price may be a bit high where you are, it is here in NZ, but give you an idea for an ITX build. The SG07 plus 600W PSU was over $200.
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