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I recently purchased an HP DV7T-7000 series quad edition laptop, and to be quite honest, the stock screen (WXGA - 1600 x 900) is terrible. The resoultion isn't awful, but the colors, viewing angles, and general quality are pretty low.
I was looking to upgrade my screen to the WUXGA 1920 x 1080 version, and I found this

It's the Maintenance and Service Guide, and on page 31, 682228-001 appears to be the screen I need, as it is full HD, and intended for models equipped with a graphics subsystem with discrete memory, as my model does have an GT 650M.

I would get it here:

Is this the right screen for me? Can I upgrade from 1600x900 to 1920x1080 that simply? I don't want to just throw away $120.

***Also, I often play games like MW3 and Skyrim, will a higher resolution affect gaming preformance much?
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  1. These are always the most stressful questions to answer, but I do feel qualified with my monitor experience to take a jab at what you're asking.

    First off, congratulations! You managed to find the screen that should be compatible with your system configuration. Your computer should have (correct me if I'm wrong) an AMD Radeon 6770m graphics card with 1 GB of discrete vram. If that is true then your system is indeed compatible.

    Secondly, it is NOT simple to perform a laptop monitor swap. I always recommend against it. However your ability is to be judged by you, and your confidence in being able to take apart and reassemble a laptop lid is not something I am able to judge.

    Thirdly, Your higher resolution would require that your games be played at medium to high graphics settings depending on your desired framerates. They will remain playable.

    I truly hope I have been able to help you!

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