NEed Help building a computer from an HP someone gave me

Hello to all,

So I've done my research here is what I know and will answer as much as i can based on what the new thread asked me to answer.

I have a store bought HP that someone gave me that doesn't work. upon doing my research it would seem that the motherboard is fried and is a common accurance with this particular model l2mna 78 off the top of my head. I had the exact same computer i was using for recording when i lived with my bandmates but they claimed it as theirs and now i need to build another that being said here's what i'm thinking

the power supply in it is 300w

I was looking at getting this

which runs on 125w

I want to run two monitors graphics aren't important to me it is strictly a recording pc.

It will have two hdd's one of which is just for storage movies music etc. and then i run libraries off of an external harddrive wd

Does anyone agree or disagree with what i want to do I know that the motherboard is micro atx and thats about where it stopped for my understanding of things. the cpu would be a big step up from what i had on the other computer and the ram would be doubled so i think i would have no problems for quite some time but i just want to make sure and figure out what i should be worried about before making a purchase

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Don't build a new computer with an old power supply. Just don't do it, it isn't worth the risk of the power supply going bad.
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