Green or Pink screen while gaming.

I have been having some issues recently while gaming. At random points my screen will suddenly turn green, (and recently pink) and freeze up my entire system. This also causes my speakers to put off some static sounds and other screeches.

My system specs are :

Amd Phenom II x6 1045t
Evga 550ti FPB
500 watt Psu
Asrock N68-VS3-UCC
8gb of DDr3 Ram 1333
500gb Seagate hardrive

I've downloaded Evga Precision and monitored my Gpu temps and they never usually go over 60-65 degrees Celsius while in a graphics intensive area and my Cpu usually hovers around the 55 degree mark. (I have CpuZ and HWmonitor). The Psu never gets even close to being warm...

Any suggestions to what may be causing the strange crashes? It can get warm in the case while gaming, so overheating was my first thought but the temps don't seem to do that justice.

My current Nvidia drivers are 310.70

Any thoughts would be helpful.
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  1. Which Brand PSU you have?
  2. I'm not quite sure, although I have been checking on it a lot to make sure it wasn't overheating... Its always the coldest thing in the case.
  3. A Unknown Brand PSU may affect your Computer alot.
    So, you should take out your case and check it.
  4. I'll take it out tomorrow and see if I can get a brand off of it... Any other possible problems? If it is the Psu its surely not overheating as far as I can tell by touch or smell... That's also another thing, There's usually a strange warm smell coming from my case while playing a graphics intensive game... Its either coming from the CPU/Motherboard or Graphics card and I have yet to find out which... The Cpu and Graphics card are both recent additions to my setup... The Cpu has the stock cooler but I added extra thermal paste to help cooling... I run the Gpu's fan at max (77%) while gaming.
  5. I guess that smell would be of Burning wires. (Just a guess)
    Clean your Computer.
  6. not all the latest drivers work well with the 5xx series cards. i had the same problem from time to time when trying out the latest ones myself before i got a 570 a few months ago.

    try an older driver.

    fyi, if you are looking to overclock that 550ti don't bother with any driver past the 297.xx. the ones released after kepler will throttle that 550ti when you try going over 999 core clock. gpu-z or precisionX may show what setting you adjusted to but frumark or gpu shark in krombuster will show the throttling.
  7. I had a green screen freeze in games problem. Had my PC overclocked without GPU OC, to remain simple and straight , i reseted Bios settings to default,to eliminate overclock and this worked for me. Than just to make sure i installed a new and better PSU.
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