GTS 250 vs GTX 650

So my friend has a Nvidia GTS 250 and a Nvidia GTX 650, but he doesn't know which one would be the better card for Gaming and Graphics works. The 250 is around the $200 mark while the 650 is around the $100 mark yet the 650 is the newer card so he is not sure. Thanks for any help.
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  1. yes........ the 250 will be better than the 650..... darn right you are. Get the 250 then ;D
  2. The GTX 650 should be much better than the GTS 250
  3. the gtx 650 is a far better case them the gts 250.
  4. You can get a gts 250 on ebay for $40... anyone selling them for $200 is an absolute scam artist trying to get money off of the computer illiterate.
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    The way graphics cards generally work for nvida cards is that if the 1st number is higher, its a better card. 650 > 250. Also, when it comes to nvidia, GTX is usually better than GTS.

    And for future reference, the second number also determines the sub-class of the card. In this case both are the same though. However, the 650 is still much better than the 250.

    The GTS 250 never cost $200 anyways. I got one years ago when it had more recently come out for like $100 after rebates. Getting a GTX 650 for $100 makes sense.
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