Dayz lag

Hello, i recently purchased a zotac nvidia gtx 560 non-ti and am loving it so far.
I ran metro 2033 max settings with good frame rates and far cry 3 at very high settings with no lag at all.
My problem is when i try to play dayZ.
I get around 15-30 fps when i play dayZ i dont know why. My card heats up when i play metro and far cry but not dayZ?
What is the problem. My specs are amd a6 3500 2.4ghz 3 cpu, 500gb wd caviar blue, asus f1a55m lx plus 10gb ram.
Can someone help me?
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  1. Dayz is a processor heavy game it only uses about 2 cores though. You could try overclocking your processor get a new one all together.
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