Really weird Issue with geforce GTX 670

Hi Guys,

I have two eizo coloredge 24" (CE240W) displays which were running fine with my old Quadro FX 4600, so I have replaced that graphics card for a Geforce GTX 670 (PNY), unfortunately I can't get it working using the native resolution (1920x1200) of them. every time when I set that resolution it displays the image using only half of the horizontal resolution (kinda of stretching the image), apparently it is working fine when I set any resolution bellow of 1920.

These displays are plugged using DVI cable, and I'm using the latest nvidia driver.. (actually, it is happening even when I'm not using any driver (fresh windows install for example...)).

I wonder if it could be some problem in my graphics card ? Have you ever seem this kinda of issue before ?

I have took a picture about how it's being displayed when I set the native resolution:

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Quick update, actually when I set the native resolution (1920x1200) the display is receiving 960x1200, so it is very weird because in the windows it shows as being displayed as 1920x1200 and the display says that is receiving the resolution 960x1200.

    Here the full information about what the monitor is receiving:
    FH: 74.5kHz
    FV: 59.8Gz

    *The display is plugged using DVI cable

  2. I found where is the problem, it was a little bit trick, so I'm gonna post how to fix it detailed later to help people who is having the same issue!

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