Crossfire in a mid range system, Good idea?

I'm currently looking at building a new mid range system (AMD FX 4100, 8 gig of ram, mechanical HDD, etc...)

My question is I'm looking at motherboard and graphics card choices, and was wondering is it worthwhile spending the extra £30 (yes I have to live with GBP) on a crossfire capable motherboard, and fit something like an ATI Radeon 7770; with a view to make the second GPU one of the first upgrades I go for? Or do I just go for a fatter Graphics card (funnily enough about £30 fatter)?

Which is going to give me the better real world performance (obviously after upgrade comparing first case with second)? I don't care about benchmarking, I'm just building a mid level gaming machine. I doesn't need to be able to do anything else, I have *this* computer for that.
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  1. Nope it's a bad idea to crossfire low to midrange cards... you're better off just getting the best single GPU you can. You'll get the similar if not better performance for less power/temps/noise/driver headaches/etc
  2. OK thanks for the reply what would class as a good mid range mobo to use with a AMD FX 4100 and ATI Radeon HD 7770?

    I know this issn't quite a graphics question anymore, sorry.
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