GPU throttles when OC'd

so i got my new sapphire 7950 OC and i overclocked it with amd overdrive and msi afterburner to 1150 mhz.
I set the memory clock to 1575 and core voltage to 1.25 as said in the tutorial.

Now i launch bf3 and play while gpu-z is running. After inspection i see that the gpu clock jumps from 800 to 1150 all the time as in spikes.

Whats the problem ?
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  1. what the temperature?
  2. 60-65 when gaming
  3. afterburner overlay reports the clock changes yea. they go from 1150 to 1000 and 970 and 850 and so on. jumps up and down.

    framerate is fine in bf3 tho. doesent jump at all. constant 60
  4. its not a ghz edition. just a sapphire 7950 OC
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