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I bought this card and installed it and what not but whenever I go into the CCC and use the overdrive feature, when I raise it and start a game up the computer freezes. I''ve looked around and tried the solutions others have used with drivers and so on but that doesn't seem to work for me.

If anyone has a possible solution that would be great. Thanks

My system meets the requirements of the card
and so on
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  1. how much did you overclck?
    if u raise the gpu clock and memory clock too much it is bad for the system stability
  2. It seems whenever i move the dial from above where it is at default that i get this error. When i fist tried this the PC would crash every time I opened an application, but i messed with the drivers and that seems to have stopped that problem. No change with the game problem though.
  3. put all the clock speeds back to default values
  4. ALL CARDS CAN'T OVERCLOCK SAME.OC is like lottery.You get it or you don't.
  5. Problem here seems more user oriented than hardware.
  6. Yer possibly, thats why im asking for help :)
  7. Help yourself. Research what other people have achieved with the card as far as OCing. Try some of their settings instead of just randomly raising things in CCC. Good way to damage something.
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