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I am looking into getting the CoolerMaster HAF XB case. I find it stylish and creative and just not your normal PC case. With that being said, I want to maintain as much space in the system as possible to keep airflow good. I would like to get a closed loop Water Cooler but being my first time messing with them, Im not sure whats todays best price/performace deal.

If I am not mistaken, this case can support radiators up to 240mm correct? I would like to replace those two stock fans in the front bezel with a two fan system, perhaps with push/pull if space allows, or if you all would think it necessary. Thanks for any advice you guys can give me!

P.S. I plan on reusing most of my components, so if this isnt classified as a "new build" I apologize. I just thought it so since I will basically have to take everything apart and build it again, so imo its a new build! :)

Oops, here is the URL for the case!

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  1. Any suggestions? :)
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