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hi ! i currently has an nvidia GeForce 8500 GT graphics card. Unfortunately it struggles with games like f1 2012 . and wrc3. I'm looking to upgrade to something that will definatly be good f
or gaming. my computer is an HP with an AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor 2.2 ghz with 6.0 gb of ram and runs a 64 bit windows 7 . is it possible just to up grade the graphics card. if so what to.
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  1. If you have the budget I would upgrade the whole system, putting any modern card in that machine would lag due to the hardware like the processor.
  2. wood it be worth overclocking for now. till i get a new computer.????????
  3. Probably won't help much, that is one OLLLDDDD system. You can't even overclock because that's prevented due to HP.
  4. just get something cheap like a 2nd hand 9800GT or GTS250.
  5. I doubt there's any hope of overclocking the CPU since he said It's an HP
  6. Haha i had that GPU. use gpu tool to increase the memory clock speed to 650 it should run most games fine in 720p resolution
  7. GPU tool = The simplest overclocking utility i have ever used. all you have to do is click on the clock speed u want. it can even do a stablity test for you. but if you really want to upgrade id suggest getting a new cpu for now and keeping the 8500GT overclocked until you can buy a better GPU. ask these dudes on which CPU to get but if i were you i would just change my GPU to a hd6670 or gt440
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