Graphics card works in PCI 4 but not in PCI 16?

My graphics card was not working in my PCI express 16 slot, but when I put it in the PCI 4 slot it works fine and boots ok. No image was being shown when in the PCI 16 slot on my monitor but it does in my PCI 4 slot.

Would this be the PCI slot being bad or the graphics card that is not functioning correctly?

My card is a Sapphire 7850 and my mobo is a gigabyte GA Z77 D3H

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It could probably be a dead PCIe slot. It's quite rare but it happens. Try contact Gigabyte about this issue
  2. make sure thst the onboard video is off. most times on new mb the onboard ipgpu is set as the first video device. also make sure you have the mb chipset drivers loaded and check that you have the newest bios installed on your mb.
  3. Could it be that one of the pins connecting the card to the PCI slot is damaged or broken on the card?
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