Is This GTS450 Legit?

I can pick up a second hand GTS450 at the price that second hand GTS250's go for in my country (R500 which translates into $60) the card here costs round about R1500 here which is close to $180, now the question at hand, I want to ensure that this isn't some sub-par reskinned 5500fx card because it doesn't look like the GTS450's I've seen.

it's a Palit GTS450 and here's a photo of it that I got from the seller.
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  1. I'd be EXTREMELY careful with this if I were you, have you looked at all the different GTS 450s that palit made? the Red PCB is a big flag to me as that's not too common with nvidia cards.
    Take a look at the DVI and VGA placement in the picture and here
  2. Looks pretty similar to this
  3. Yup I think it's real
  4. thanks for the links guys, yes it's the 2 gig one, but the 2 gig version has ddr3 memory? I wonder how big of a hit that would have on the performance?
  5. On a GTS 450 I wouldn't be worried about it, the card probably won't be doing anything difficult enough to where it would need GDDR5, it is not an enthusiast card or anything.
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