Plz help me to find the correct gpu

so my friend bought hp pavilion g6 2105 tx it has 2gb ati radeon 7670 ddr5 gpu.Now the problem is,it is taking intel hd 4000 graphics in games.(as shown in skyrim launcher).i couldn't find any radeon 7670 option..i used hd performance power plane and assigned high performance in ccc.
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  1. Are you sure it's not switching to the 7670 after it boots into the game itself and isn't just running the hd 4000 while the launcher is running?
    Download GPU-Z and make sure it picks up both
  2. thanks for the replay man.
    this is what gpu z showed.also there is ati radeon 7670 option in gpu z..which is far better than intel graphics..:( all games are taking intel graphics only..
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