Help in possible bottleneck.

proci: Amd Athlon II x3 3.6ghz unlocked to 4 core (propus 455) w/ deep cool mini fs aftermarket cooling

GPU: Palit GeForce GTS 450 1gb DDR5

MOBO: Gigabyte 880gm usb3l motherboard socket am3+ capable

Memory: 8 gb 1600mhz kingston ddr3 ram (2pcs 4gb)

PSU: 500w X-STRIKE true rated 80+ PSU (branded)

i want to change my GPU ti GTX 550ti. will the GPU be bottlenecked?
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  1. You should not see much if any bottleneck with that setup
  2. oh goodness, another potential victim... of marketing
    Those two GPU's are basically the same, internally known as GF116. You'll notice no improvement in fps. nVidia 400 and 500 series GPU's are built using the same 40nm fab technology. The 600's are a new generation(28nm tech), not just a name change/refresh.
  3. the 550ti is better than the 450 though, only if marginally

    I had noticed the gpu you were using right now :P I would have to consider the 7850 2GB as the best price/perf card to use without any issues with bottle necking
  4. If you are trying to spend $100 get an hd7770 for sure. It will be decently better than the 550ti.
  5. Thanks everyone. Yup i considered buying 7770 i saw comparisons of performance between 7770 ang 660 ti, and 7770 owned it.
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