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Hey guys,

It has occurred to me that my computer is in a need of an upgrade in terms of the video card department. I've been running on this "store bought" desktop (yes, poor choice I realize) for about 5 years now, doing sporadic gaming. These are my EXACT desktop specs, as I have not changed anything at all.


My computer is a HP Pavilion a6720f.

Now I am not looking to run BF3 at high or medium or even low settings, but it would be nice to run some lower demanding games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive. I am not an avid gamer, being the most demanding game I plan to run on this would probably be CS:GO.

In case some of you do not trust outside links this is the exact copy-paste from the company site.

Currently running with a built in NVidia Chipset 9100 (absolutely horrible, I know)

Provisions for upgrades:

Expansion Slots:

1 PCI Express x16 slot for graphics card

3 PCI Express x1 slots

Now my budget is 65 - 70 dollars. I prefer Amazon as I would like to take advantage of their rebates and their nice deals. If there is a fantastic deal going on which is 10 - 15 dollars above my budget, I'm willing to spend that amount, but 70 is the preference.

Thank you for your time!
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  1. You need to open your case and check that there is a pci-e x16 slot on the motherboard . Some computer have very budget oem motherboards that dont have one . Your computer is so old you may even have an AGP x8 slot instead .
    Search online for pictures of those slots and confirm you have a pci-e x16 before proceeding .

    If you do have one and you want to spend a max of $75 then
    Radeon HD 6670 $64
    should give you basic gaming without overloading your power supply .

    sorry its newegg . Searching on amazon just confuses me . Perhaps you can find a 6670 on Amazon?

    You can see what the results might be like here
  2. (PCI-E) Radeon 6750 $74.99 http://www.amazon.com/XFX-Radeon-6750-GDDR3-Video/dp/B008EKENP6/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1361196719&sr=1-11&keywords=radeon+hd

    Radeon 6670 is the same price at amazon and here is the benchmarks
    6670 G3D Benchmark = 1033
    6750 G3D Benchmark = 1339
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