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I have an alienware M17 gaming laptop, all was fine till a few weeks back now and I'm getting large red lines down my screen, uninstalled drivers updated, run diagnostics using built in tools but nothing comes up. Waiting on Alienware to pull their finger out and replace it but thought I would ask the community in the mean time.

Is a picture of the problem
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  1. Do the red lines always stay on? It could be a fried GPU, dodgy PSU or if the artefacts come on just after start up even a BIOS issue. The screen itself could also be faulty. Has it been dropped recently?
  2. It's a brand new Alienware laptop, hasn't been dropped I've treated it very kindly lol
  3. If it is brand new then it will definitely be under warranty. Call the place where you bought the laptop and ask them what the warranty procedures are. You may be without a laptop for a week or so but they are obligated to fix the problem by either repairing or replacing the faulty part. I hope this helps. I was without a PC for two weeks for a similar issue but after mailing the CPU/mobo/RAM/PSU/GPU down, they found the issue and fixed it for free as it was under warranty.
  4. It's a HARDWARE problem definitely. Start your RMA procedure.

    *FYI, it's not uncommon to discover hardware issues within the first month of purchasing a product due to the manufacturing process.

    **After your product is returned I recommend you do the following:
    1) check for a BIOS update and apply if newer
    2) run MEMTEST overnight ( )
    3) run any gaming benchmark in a LOOP for an hour (not Furmark or similar GPU stress app)
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