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« on: Yesterday at 13:28:32 »Hi there Just updated my HMPC with MSI FM2-A75IA-E53  and AMD A6 CPU 65WI have a Nano150 PSU from Streamcom, 150W.Have problem when starting the Hmpc when I add new components to the I/O rear panel (usb drive, mouse, keyboard etc)suddenly the screen goes black,Can`t find the Mainboard demands on Power supply in W.The CPU is 65W and HDD is 2,3W I think... ( Seagate Momentus® 5400.6 500GB )Do I need a bigger Pwr supply?
Regards Espen, Norway
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    That's a FM2 motherboard o-o.

    150w power supply? Yes get a new PSU
  2. Thanks cutebeans.
    So FM2 cards need more than 150W?
  3. Hi, your PSU is junk. ( no offense)

    Get a quality 300w PSU.
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