Could this Max out any game at 1080P?

Like the title states, could my build max out any game at 1080P and get 40 fps +?

A10 5800K @ 4.2GHZ
Gtx 660 at 1050 MHz
8gb 1600 MHz RAM
SSD which contains games

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    OP, yes, the 660 can play any game with decent eye-candy at 1080p. Although I'm not sure if you can max it out. Here, check TH's benchmarks on the cards:,3297-8.html &,3297-7.html
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  3. 2 x gtx 660 = 1.5 gtx 680. 3 x gtx 660 = ~2.5 gtx 680.

    I'd recommend buying at least another card in the future if you want better results, but yes, you should be able to run most games in pretty high detail at the moment.
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