Will this Graphics card work with my system?

Hello everyone, I am in need for some much needed dire confirmation on if a graphics card will work in my system, I'll start by introducing the graphics cards: it's the XFX HD 6870. After much research I have found that is is probably the best graphics card I can get for under £150 (Literally what I googled a thousand times). I have only found out that the graphics card requires a minimum PSU of 500 watts, and as luch would have it, I fall short with only a 450 watt PSU.

XFX HD 6870: http://www.ebuyer.com/279585-xfx-hd-6870-900mhz-1gb-gddr5-dual-dvi-dual-mini-displayport-hdmi-hd-687a-zhfc

Now more into my PSU, It's a XFX PRO450W, It's very reliable and I do not suffer from any problems, power wise.

XFX PRO450W: http://xfxforce.com/en-us/Products/Power-Supply/XFX/Pro-Series/ProSeries-450W-PSU.aspx

Really my question is that will it work, I'm really dead set on getting this graphics card and I'm also really happy with the performance with my PSU and really don't want to change it as its only 4 Months old.

Another this people may fail to notice if I regret to mention is the fact the PSU come's with a single PCI-E 6 pin connector and the XFX HD 6870 requires two. I simply plan to purchase a dual 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCI-E adapter, is doing this recommended iof you fall short on 6 pin PCI-E connectors?

So once again, Do you think this graphics card will work with my PSU and is the use of a dual 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCI-E adapter good enough or does it cause problems?

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  1. -.- you're on the xfx website dude check the cards page and see what power it asks for
  2. oh it asks for 500 watts :/ the card will run if you havent increased the voltage on other stuff
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, everything is on stock settings as I haven't been gaming recently only working on the PC, I thought that i'd save the strain on the system for some serious gaming. I think I'll order it, and underclock my PC, stick the graphics card in and see how it runs and how far I can overclock without destroying the system :)
  4. -___________- Why the hell would you wanna overclock a gpu thats already fast as hell haha but yeah dude i wouldnt overclock anything just to be on the safe side
  5. ooh this one looks good..

    + its newer technology which wont take up as much power
  6. Sorry I should have made it more clear, when i refered to overclocking, I meant the CPU
  7. Actually looking at the MSI HD 7850, I'm quite tempted, MSI are very reliable and looking over some quick comparisons and reviews it seems to outperform at all resolutions for £15 more. It needs only one PCI-E 6 pin connector.

    I think that the MSI 7850 has won me over...
  8. Hehe did i mention it was already overclocked? + Msi has a reputation for making good amd cards haha besides when series 8 comes out you're gonna be like oh crap im 2 gens behind :( but i doubt thats gonna come out anytime soon aha let us know how it goes
  9. Thanks very much :), I will, Just ordered it haha
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