BenQ XL2420T not able to output 120hz at native resolution

So i bought the benq 120hz monitor and have used the DVI cable to enable the 120hz but whenever I try to enable 120hz it lowers the resolution down to 1024x768.

Im not sure if its the DVI port on my pc itself because it has the same pins as the cable itself.

My computer is a HP p7-1234

I am upgrading to a GTX 570 in a few days when the card ships along with a 600w PSU to run it if its the current graphics being the issue will the new card fix it?
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  1. I would have to say it is the current graphics you have that can't process graphics at such a resolution and frequency. Just be patient, I'm sure that your GTX 570 will do the job fine. That is, if the GTX 570 will fit in it!
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