I see the connection but can't log on

so my brother brang me his router cuz he wanted me to configure a password since his neighbour downloaded 150 GO last month.

so I get in the router using the ip adresse on it. Changed the name and set password (WPA). Check it at my home, I see the connection name on my Ipod and his cellphone.

Once at his home, the network is back on default name, and he can't connect at all. After 2 hours of trying 1000 solutions I finally realise that the password is a HEX generated, so I must put something somewhere I shouldnt I guess since I thought I had setup a random password.

On his PC (which is wire to router) he can see the connection, on his cellphone too (with the default network name) but cannot acces any browser or msn. neither on his Cellphone..

so all he did was deplug ir bring iot to me, I plug it on my Modem then he bring it back at his home and plug it back. So I guess it aint spyware or shits like that since everything is working proprely and he's not the kind to download suspect ***. (yeah I trained him well). Probably not any firewall or or proxy since it was all ok before...

I'm kinda lost here and we are gonna try this again tonight so anyone know whats should I be trying?

PS: Sorry for the English.

PPS: Forgot to add that ipconfig /release works, but not ipconfig /renew. router = IpTime. its weird because when we do both ipconfig /all (my home his home) its seem like we have the same IP adress....but when I use a website like whatsmyip.com it says I have another IP then the one in /ipconfig...

Also notice in the ipconfig that I had a 1 day bail to the IP. Could it be I have kinda took his IP for 24 hours?
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