ASUS G60j, GTX 260M heat issues

Hey Everyone,

Hoping I could get some help with my G60j Laptop, It is a i7 720 with 8GB Ram and a Nvidia GTX 260M 1GB Video Card. Recently have been having some issues playing games (WoW Borderlands 2, Skyrim). Random lag spikes that would not dissipate unless i rebooted my computer.

Seems my issue was overheating. Currently i have a cooler pad, drilled holes around the fan for more air intake, replaced the TIM, and oiled the fan. but i am still Idling at 80C, and when i play games after about 5 mins it works its way up to about 110C and crashes.

I am trying to see if my fan speed for the GPU is not sufficient but not having any luck locating a good program (everything shows 0 rps but the fan is spinning, just not very fast).

Not sure what other options I have left to try, any suggestions would be awesome!


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  1. A lot of people have the common misconception that if you have a fast processor and lots of RAM that you will be able to play games SUPER fast. WRONG! I would have to say that you are putting much to stress on that mobile graphics processor, it wasn't created to handle games as extreme as Skyrim and Borderlands. Either lower all of your settings when playing the games, or get a real gaming computer.
  2. I may not be an expert yet, although I am aware that my current GPU is fully capable to play wow, Borderlands 2, and skyrm. With that Said I never play these games on max settings, my laptops primary role is mobility i usually play at 720p with AA off, etc.

    There is no reason that I am aware of for my desktop idle temps to average 80C thats insanely high. Typing up this reply has put my GPU to 81C.
  3. Hi Jon_New - I am having similar problems with my G60J: I can't even play Medal Of Honor: Airborne or Metro 2033 without major performance issues with the system, over heating, etc. My Specs include 4GB of RAM and an i7 820 core. Not sure if it is problem with the laptop or it is a simple limitation of the laptop since there are many games not optimized for Quadcore processors. But, I have read on forums and test sites t that the many of these games should run "excellent" on our laptops. So, confused...I also recently updated the NVidia graphics card with the new driver 310.x version (release in Jan 2013), but this does not seem to be the issue. Let me know if you figure out how to fix this issue for our systems. I will do the same with you. Cheers, C.
  4. Hi Jon - Have you tried downloading throttlestop (I posted the link down below)? From what I understand, the cooling situation with the G60J is a really bad one. They set the laptop up to throttle the performance after a certain temperature but the laptop will still try to run whatever game your playing or task your doing. The more it throttles the more it tries and the more it heats up, until it crashes.

    Cheers, Dick.

    P.S. I apologize if my grammar is bad. I'm not in a real caring mood right now.
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