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I recently bought a GT 430, but after troubleshooting its installation on my own and asking for help on these forums (which didn't yield any solutions, unfortunately), I've decided to return it, as my only guess is that it's a faulty card or there's some incredibly obscure compatibility issue. So, I thought I'd ask for recommendations for a new card to get.

Here are my specs:
Windows 8 Pro
Intel DQ965GF Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 gHz
2 GB RAM @ 533 mHz (which will probably be upgraded sooner or later)
420W PSU

I'll be playing on a 32" TV at 720p (it's a living room PC), so it doesn't need to be an absolute powerhouse. I'm also not someone who needs everything to be at maximum settings, but--of course--I'd like my games to look pretty nice.

I'd like to spend $80 or less, but I might be willing to go as high as $100. I'm honestly not *unbearably* anxious to get this machine up and running, because I've got a backlog of games I'd like to finish on consoles, as well as less recent games I can play on my laptop.

Because of my bad experience with the GT 430 (from Asus), I feel like avoiding NVidia and Asus. It seems like a Radeon HD 6670 may be the card for my needs, but if someone has a suggestion for a better value or anything, I'd be happy to hear it.

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  1. HD7750
  2. The 6670 still listed as best gpu for the money. It is great for entry level gaming, and you can get one for about 70-80. Make sure it has gddr5 ram though. Also look at the 7750.
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    well you can go for the HD 6670 or the HD 7750. The HD 7750 performs much better than the HD 6670 and should be the 1st preference.

    for board partners you may select from sapphire,his,xfx,evga.
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