Worth going from GTX 560ti to GTX 660ti?


That is my card.

Looking at the bench the GTX 660ti blows it out of the water in most games...I was surprised...by how bad. My current card is barely below a GTX 570...but, GTX 580 is vastly superior.

Rest of my specs are i5 3570k oced @ 4.0ghz
8gb 2133mhz ram
700watt ultra psu, etc.

I chose the GTX 660ti because its a major power saver, and I'm not looking to oc, so the bandwidth isn't a concern.

What do you guys think? Just save money and keep my current card, or sell it and try buying a GTX 660ti?
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  1. The GTX 660ti is a beautiful performer, If you are willing to sell your current card to save up for it, I would do it!
  2. My brother made this step. The comparison would've been as if you went from a 560TI to a 580, or thereabouts, not to mention the power saving. The increase in performance is definitely noticeable on his rig, an i7-3770k and 16GB RAM.
  3. What about the gtx 670 is it worth the extra 50-60 bucks?
  4. ^ it definitely is, but when ypu're already pushing past the budget...50-60 is a lot.
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