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Hi there,

I have a Core i5 2400 and a 1080p monitor, and am trying to upgrade from an older HD 4850. Not a huge gamer, just the occasional title here or there.

I was looking initially at the GTX 650 Ti, but I wonder if the HD 8000 series would get me something closer to the HD 7850 in performance for around that same price range in a few months.

The other potential issue is my PSU is a 400W Silverstone 80 Plus. I'm afraid I would be pushing it with a card that draws more power than the 4850 already does. I'm assuming I would be OK with the 650 Ti which requires about the same amount of wattage as a 4850 from what I've read.

Basically, would I be better off waiting in this scenario, or is the 650 Ti the right fit?

Thanks. :)
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  1. If you aren't a huge gamer then why would you go for such a power hungry and powerful card? I would suggest getting something like an Nvidia Geforce GT 610, that is if you wont be doing any serious gaming on it.
  2. The 4850 should fit your bill with what your saying. Are you having issues with the 4850?
  3. Well first of all, you don't really define what your "occasional game here and there" are. Are we talking an occasional older shooter? An occasional older MMO or RPG that needs graphics power? Or are you talking about an occasional 2D game like card playing and Angry Bird type games? Obviously you haven't been playing any of the newer games that have come out over the past say 3-4 years. In any event, considering you got by with the single 4850 for so long, I don't see why you would feel the need to spend any more than about $100 on a more updated GPU. It sounds like even the 650Ti would be overkill for your applications. Something more along the lines of a 7750 or non-Ti 650.

    And slightly off topic, but if you truly wanted anything more than that, it would be highly recommended to upgrade that PS to 500W (even though Silverstone makes some of the best, that 400W is on the tail end of minimums). Many people say you can get by with fewer watts than you think you need, and that is true on paper, but I'd never risk making a 400W 80+ efficiency power supply work day in and day out pumping out 350 total system watts for example. My aggressively overclocked rig with a single GTX 680 is drawing total about 490W from a Corsair 750W 80+ PS. That's in the "sweet spot" range for that power supply making the most efficient power. Long story short: there is much more to power supply ratings and needs other than their maximum wattage ratings. Also keep in mind there are minimum single volt rail requirements by most of the newer GPU card manufacturers too.

    In any event, good luck to whatever you choose.
  4. A GTX 660 is the right fit, but the question is, are you willing to pay for it?

    Since you're not a huge gamer, go ahead and wait another year and see what you can get at the $150 price point. Most likely you will find a card with HD 7850 strength.
  5. The 6670 I hear is a good card for being >$90 USD.
  6. dennis555 said:
    The 6670 I hear is a good card for being >$90 USD.

    And it's weaker than OP's current card. I don't think he's looking for a downgrade...
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