Help - Deciding on which graphics card to get?

I made a previous post on graphics cards on which one i can put in my computer.

I have found a couple of graphics cards that i would like to know if they can be played in medium to higher settings on most games.

My PSU is 450watt (I know i need a higher PSU for higher end graphics card)

I found out that i can put most graphics cards in my PC as i have an Nvidia Geforce GT 240 @ 1gb

My only problem is i have a medium sized tower - normal size desktop computer box.

1. Which graphics card is the best out of the 3?

2. Can i run them on medium to high settings with a decent FPS?

3. Do i need a higher PSU?

4. Do i need a new computer case?

Many thanks, Please reply asap, thinking about buying one tonight.

p.s I'm not a "crazy" gamer who has lots of money to spend, i dream about having the best computer rig but i don't have the money :(
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  1. Hehe me again. out of the 3 you picked you might as well remove that sapphire one from the list since its DDR3 which is kind of obsolete by now.. but the 6670 has a higher clock so the 7750 wont be that far ahead or that different from the 6670
  2. Bottom line = best out of those 2 (6670/7750) is the 7750. Even though its on DDR3 i suggest you get it since its newer technology.. well sort of. The 75 series is just a rebrand of the 65 series. 2) That depends on what resolution you intend to play it at.. if you're playing at 720p then you can max out the eye candy in most games with no problem. 3) If your PSU is a generic cheap quality one then i would recommend getting a better one but if its a good brand then you should be just fine
  3. Haha you again.. Right ok, well i only have a screen resolution of 1366x768 so 720p i would mainly play in. Hmm i can max out in most games which is what i am looking for..

    My PSU is awful.. It's an Win power - ATX 450 @ £20 most..

    Ok well i will be looking to get something with new technology like you said and getting a new PSU.

    I will just wait and research before buying a new one.

    Thanks again! :)
  4. Also i forgot to mention, Would a graphics card be any bigger than the Nvidia Geforce GT 240? As of right now, i don't have a lot of room with the heatsink on the CPU and the graphics card below that. I would say about 7cm at most before it's touching the bottom of the case.

    My heatsink is fairly large:

    I have difficulty reaching the hard drives - Ram and the graphics card because the case is a midi tower.
  5. dont worry 7750 is a very short card should fit very easily without any problem. i strongly suggest you dont get ddr3 version of 7750 get instead gddr5 7750. if not rather get gddr5 version of 6670
  6. Mohit you idiot he has a budget of 50 quid -.- Yo keeman, overclockers just stocked GT440's for 35 quid the ddr5 versions id go for it fast if i were you
  7. 1. HD 6670 1024MB GDDR5
    2. Yep
    3. Nope
    4. Nope
  8. haider95 said:
    Mohit you idiot he has a budget of 50 quid -.- Yo keeman, overclockers just stocked GT440's for 35 quid the ddr5 versions id go for it fast if i were you

    Hello, i looked at 7770 GGDR5 - looked pretty good, may get it, It can max out most games and recorded gameplay is not laggy :)

    If you find something around that price range around the same price as the 7770 GGDR5

    The GT440 has a noisy fan so i don't think i will get it XD
  9. Have fun trying to fit that beast into your case .-.
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