Upgrading Lenovo Ideacentre B500 Graphic Card

So a few weeks ago, my Lenovo Ideacentre B500 graphic card burnt out, and now will shut off if anything above netflix it used. I've been told that the Lenovo Ideacentre B500 is not upgradable, but i don't want to have to buy another. Is this true, or can i buy another graphics card and repair it?
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  1. no its an all in one like a laptop. the chip is on the mobo. If its burnt out it wont work at all sounds like maybe overheating. Have you tried cleaning it out. might need to redo thermal paste. If you can get it open. Thats the problems with all in ones they are not upgrade able besides hd, mem.
  2. It does not appear that you can upgrade this system. Have you contacted Lenovo for support? As this is a newer system, it may still be under warranty.

    Good luck!
  3. get in touch with lenovo service centre immediately...being a new laptop it is most likely under warranty and will be covered for free.
    your gpu has not burnt,it is just overheating.a burnt gpu won't give you any display atall.do not open the laptop yourself if it is still under warranty.
  4. it is possible to stop it from over heating?
  5. acworc said:
    it is possible to stop it from over heating?

    make sure its clean(intake no dust bunnies) If its not under warranty open it and reapply thermal paste and the fan is clean.
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