Want to build my mom a HTPC

So i was originally going to build my mom a new computer with my leftover parts but she doesn't have that much of a need for one. Next best option: an HTPC. I already have a few parts but want to know if i should keep them or get new ones. Also what new ones to get.

Parts I Own:
Offbrand 500 watt power supply
AMD Fx-Series 4100
Powercolor 6670 graphics card
Seagate Barracuda 320gb HDD

What should i add or drop?

Side note: I am looking to only spend 200-250 (without os) on this system with my parts.
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  1. that should work fine as an htpc. Add a blu-ray player, a decent small case, ad possibly a cheap, high quality power supply.
  2. Defiantly get a new PSU, and probably 2x2GB of 1866MHz RAM, if not 2x2GB of 1600MHz RAM.
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